clickheat Extreme Programming Club: March 2007

The Yorkshire Extreme Programming and Agile Methods Club

The Extreme Programming Club has changed it's name Please visit for details. All postings for upcoming meetings will now be made there.

Where we meet:
Our meetings are held on every second Wednesday of each month at Victoria Hotel Pub in Leeds city centre at 7.00pm.
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An Extreme Hour

The next meeting of the Extreme Programming Club (April 12) will feature an ‘Extreme Hour’. This is basically an audience-participation exercise in which the audience must completely develop a product using XP principles, like pair programming.

The group takes on different roles (such as ‘developers’ or ‘stakeholders’) and there are certain rules in place to mimic what it’s like to work on an XP project.

It’s something that’s used by XP consultants to explain the methodology. Hopefully it'll be interesting and quite fun.

See you there.

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Meeting - 8 March 2007

We had the second meeting of the Yorkshire XP club in the Victoria Hotel.

Richard did a very interesting talk about the Scrum methodology, after which there was some lively debate about the merits of various areas of agile/ and less agile computing.

We had a good turn out, but of course we would love to see more new faces next time.

Next meeting (12 April 2007) will include a demostration of the end to end design and implementation using extreme / agile methods. This will be an extreme hour (audience participation involved).