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The Extreme Programming Club has changed it's name Please visit for details. All postings for upcoming meetings will now be made there.

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Our meetings are held on every second Wednesday of each month at Victoria Hotel Pub in Leeds city centre at 7.00pm.
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Hi all,

There has been some feedback to my previous post, which is great, so I thought I would answer some of the queries.

After a slow start, I am now optimistic that there will be about 20 people at the first meeting. This is wonderful and shows there's a real interest.

I am hoping to get the XP Yorkshire website up and running soon at There will be a forum on this site.

Richard, to me Extreme Programming is all about best practice - this definitely includes agile methods. In the past, when trying to justify new processes to sceptical managers, I've used the term 'agile methods' rather than Extreme Programming. There's a sexier ring to Extreme Programming, though.

Richard, Andy, Keith, it would be great if you were willing to do a talk at one of the meetings.

Andy, I have now joined the Agile Yorkshire group, and was glad to see that someone had already posted about the meeting. I am also intending to make contact with
and see if we can tempt any of our Red Rose neighbours to cross over to this side of the Pennines, even if just for a night.

It seems from the feedback that people would quite like some talks. Do we have any requests for topics that are of particular interest?




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi David/All,

Hope the first meet went well, unfortunately work commitments ketp me at work until 8:30 so thought that was a little late to arrive.

Will def make the next one


8 February 2007 at 20:54

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