clickheat Extreme Programming Club: April 2008

The Yorkshire Extreme Programming and Agile Methods Club

The Extreme Programming Club has changed it's name Please visit for details. All postings for upcoming meetings will now be made there.

Where we meet:
Our meetings are held on every second Wednesday of each month at Victoria Hotel Pub in Leeds city centre at 7.00pm.
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Change of Plans: Exploring Mobile Web Development

Unfortunately due to a bug circulating in and around Bradford, Chris Mills is unable to give us the talk tonight on Mobile Web Development. We are moving his talk to June, so now officially the talk on Mobile Web Development is going to happen on the 11th of June (second Wednesday as usual) at 7pm at the usual place - Victoria Hotel Pub.

Tonight instead of the talk, we are having a Computing Pub Quiz. The winning team of 4 will receive interesting prize(s), which we are still deciding on. Bring your clever friends, people with quirky computing knowledge spanning across decades, and you might find yourself winning some cool and geeky stuff.

Drinks are on us and fun is on everyone.

Presentation moved to 11th of June:

Chris Mills of Opera will deliver a presentation on the basics of mobile web development - what you need to think about in terms of device limitations, browser variance, and how you can look towards creating single web sites that will work well on both desktop and mobile browsers.

After the presentation we are staying in the pub to enjoy the networking and the odd glass of a beverage.

About the speaker:

Chris Mills is a developer relations manager for Opera - he edits and publishes articles on and, liaises with the community to raise awareness of Opera and collect feedback, and evangelises about Opera software wherever he can.

Find Chris' blog on My Opera.

Outside of work, he is an extremely avid music fan, enjoying playing and listening to a wide variety of music, including metal, folk, punk, electronica, prog, and more. His main band at the moment is the mighty - Conquest of Steel

We are also happy to announce that AGAIN we will be able to buy a pint of any drink from the bar for the first 25 people.

Next Meeting: The Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering

On 9th of April (Wednesday as usual) at the Victoria Hotel Pub in Leeds at 7pm we are meeting to discus The Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering. There is no set agenda; we will just try to gently moderate the discussion, so that it revolves around the software industry topics.

The idea for the meeting came from this article on

The article itself describes the book titled exactly The Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering.

You can treat the codinghorror article as a good prerequisite to the meeting.

We are also happy to announce that we will be able to buy a pint of any drink from the bar for the first 25 people.