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The Extreme Programming Club has changed it's name Please visit for details. All postings for upcoming meetings will now be made there.

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Our meetings are held on every second Wednesday of each month at Victoria Hotel Pub in Leeds city centre at 7.00pm.
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Next Meeting of the XP Club

The May 10th meeting will feature a talk by guest speaker Clarke Ching.

Talk: How to sell TDD to your colleagues and bosses.
Clarke uses excel - a tool on most peoples desktops and one that managers, in particular, don't find intimidating - to demonstrate Test Driven Development. Ron Jeffries, the XP guru, said he loved this approach. The demo has been used in a number of companies and universities to demonstrate the concepts of TDD, without freaking people out. It's a great conversation starter around the importance of TDD, good design, pairing and refactoring. Clarke has written up the session for his book and will share the instructions so that you can use it with your colleagues and bosses.

Bio: Clarke Ching is a New Zealander who now calls Scotland home. He is a passionate advocate of agile software development and is chairman of AgileScotland special interest group. He is a frequent speaker and part-time lecturer on agile methods. Clarke has an MBA specialising in Technology management and is an independent consultant specialising in the use of Agile and Theory of Constraints in software development. He is currently writing a "business novel" - see - which shows how Lean, Quality and Constraints Management thinking SHOULD be applied to software and product development organisations.

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