clickheat Extreme Programming Club: Summer break for XP club - Next meeting September the 13th starting 7.00pm

The Yorkshire Extreme Programming and Agile Methods Club

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Our meetings are held on every second Wednesday of each month at Victoria Hotel Pub in Leeds city centre at 7.00pm.
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Summer break for XP club - Next meeting September the 13th starting 7.00pm

Hi all,

We are going to have a month off from the XP club.

I am going to spend the time thinking about how we continue to grow the club, to this end I would love
- suggestions for future talks/ demos
- volunteers to do future talks/ demos
- ideas to grow the XP club
- ideas about the forums - currently I get about 30 spam users being created a day, and the forums aren't really being used.

Any suggestions should either be emailed to or alternatively posted to the XP club forums.

cheers - David.


Blogger NeilM said...

A quiet summer on the noticeboard :)

Thought I'd chip in even tho' the next meeting is almost upon us.

As ideas for future topics I'd like to see a session on the process of monitoring and estimating in XP and how to fit that into an environment with delivery dates and deadlines or how to change that environment :)
I'd also like to hear the experiences of others who have moved to an agile approach from other approaches especially for non-greenfield developments.

Also for forthcoming meetings I'm hoping to track down some fellow .NET developers who are Agile practitioners (or just curious) and persuade them to attend. Hopefully this will offset the java tendency (as long as we promise not to get into any "my language is bigger than your language" arguments!). If any of you are out there lurking I'd encourage you to attend.

As an additional point, I think a change of scenery would be good so I'd be happy to visit another town (York, Sheffield have been suggested) if someone can suggest a welcoming hostelry for the meeting after this.

Anyway, just my thoughts. Any other comments?

11 September 2007 at 08:39

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